Less than a year after opening Locavore’s recycled wood door, Eelke and Ray realised that they needed a larger kitchen and an outlet for their wonderful charcuterie. Locavore to Go has become the little sister of the main restaurant, running as a freestanding outlet serving up to 100 people a day.

Located 100 metres from Locavore, the cosy restaurant quickly became a popular destination for fresh home made breakfasts, lunches and snacks throughout the day. The menu features fine deli products and unusual sandwiches.

The Menu

Locavore on Wheels

Our new food truck opens up all kinds of new catering opportunities. The Locavore To Go team whips up succulent burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, spit roasts and other casual fare at your home, party or workplace.

If you are interested, please contact us.

The People

KASIDA (AKA BOSS) has been working with Eelke and Ray since 2008. From the beginning he distinguished himself as a quick study, a hard worker and an endearingly naughty spirit who kept the team laughing. Nicknamed Boss by the Locavore family, popular Kasida is currently working a few days a week as he recovers from cancer. With the team's caring support, he's managing this challenge with his customary humour and positive attitude.

Smiling MURDITA has been with Locavore to Go since it opened in early 2015. Born in a village outside Ubud, he worked on cruise ships for seven years as a waiter and bartender, then spent two years at Alila Ubud as a waiter. Newly married, he is now Assistant Manager of Locavore to Go and very happy to be working with his previous colleagues from Alila.

WAYAN (AKA JABLAY) loves to learn new things, so he was delighted to move into the world of fine dining from Pizza Hut. He joined Locavore soon after it opened and immersed himself in new techniques and ideas before crossing the street to work in Locavore to Go. “I love this job; I am constantly learning so much!”

Hours of operation

Monday to Saturday
8:30 - 19:00


10 3/4 Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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+62(0) 3619 080 757

Locavore on Wheels

The Locavore on Wheels roams around the streets of Ubud sharing delicious fresh food wherever it goes. If you are interested in hiring us for your special occassion, please contact us.

Locavore Local Parts

At Local Parts, products are homemade with love. They may be purchased or enjoyed at Locavore To Go, or you may contact us for your orders.

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